The Aggressive Strength Solution For Size And Strength

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The Aggressive Strength Solution For Size And Strength By Mike Mahler 

© 2006

eBook (PDF format)
Book 165 pages

"3 weeks ago I started using your 3x3/5x5 routine (I modified it slightly but follow it quite closely). Wow. In 3 weeks, my squats have gone up 50 pounds (to 275 for 5 reps) and my bench by about 20 (to 225 for 3 reps). My deadlift has also improved tremendously, by about 50 pounds, and my pull-ups and military press have gone up as well. In short, everything is improving. These gains might seem a little high, but they’re not exaggerated…they reflect, I think, the important role that the mind plays in strength, and they also reflect a new work ethic. I’m more willing to push myself, and my year of bodyweight training, kettlebell workouts, and compound exercises left me with a solid foundation to build on. Your workouts are helping me realize some of the potential in my body, they’re building functional strength, and they’re teaching me to push out the frontier more than I thought I could. Your writings provided me with the motivation, and the path, to overhaul my routine and reassess my nutrition. I’m excited about the results. Thank you!"

Matt Kuchar

"After reading your new e-book, I implemented your strategies right away. After a 5 X 5 regimen , a period of active recovery, then HFT for several weeks; I have noticed some good strength gains across the board. The one that I was most happy with was being able for the first time to clean and press an 88lb KB. I was previously able to snatch it and push-press it, but could never press it until now. Thanks Mike!"

Frank DiMeo, Gulf Coast Crossfit

"I just got done reading the Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength and was impressed with not only the volume of information but the quality and clarity of its presentation. For less than a tub ofwhey protein or a months stack of useless supplement comics (bodybuilding mags) you provide enough variation and information to build solid programs that will keep gains coming for the next 10 years. The article on 10 critical mistakes most trainees makeis worth the price alone.Anybody who is serious about making REAL progress in their strength training would be a fool not to get a copy of this book. You would be justified in charging much more for this one considering that you must have spent not just money but a lot of time putting this information together. Thanks once again for not bullshitting the publicor worseyet insulting my intelligence with one of those gimmicky get big quick scams all to prevalent today.You have helped me topush my owntraining inthe right direction. I know I and a lot of other serious folks out thereare forever great full for yourno b.s. style."

Josh Belser

"I am reading your book "The aggressive Strength Solution For Size and Strength" and it is the best book I have ever read pertaining to working out and improving strength."

Juan Albert

"I'm a very skeptical guy and not easily impressed or pleased with material regarding fitness training, whether written, video or otherwise. When I purchased Mike's Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength E-Book, I approached it with the same skepticism I do any other product. I was worried it would be filled with useless information or fluffed up nonsense just to fill space like so many other e-books out there. What I got, however, was a huge surprise. The Aggressive Strength e-book is literally PACKED with information. Everything from program design to workout options for those on the road is included here, and it's all absolutely top quality material. I still refer to it often for training ideas. I've thought long and hard about what kind of review to give this book and I can honestly say that it is one of the BEST resources I have ever had the privilege to pick up and I will stand by that. Thank you Mike for putting out such a great product."

Christopher Smith
Owner, Train Better Fitness

"'I've been working with kettlebells for about a year following Pavel's Enter the kettlebell and have made some good gains and have enjoyed the program. That is until I read your ebooks. Before I even finished your books I went back online and purchased a second kettlebell and started training with double kettlebells right away. While following one of your workout programs using double kettlebells, even in a short two months, I've been able to make greater gains than I have in the past year."

Ron Putnam

"Your e-book is outstanding!!! you are the real deal Michael! thank you for what you do!! your encouragement, your dedication, your information is a reflection of who you are, but just as important or even more so, what you give to physical education and our youth with your information will guide them through their fitness and health years for a lifetime!!"

Mike Burgener, Olympic Style Weightlifting Coach

"Mike I just got done reading your latest book "The Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength" and it was time well spent over the holidays. You laid it all out when it comes to getting it done. Whether you have access to the best equipment in the world or just your own bodyweight you spoon fed us with all the programs, methods, and principles imaginable to get the desired results. I appreciate you reminding me of many great programs I had forgotten along with some new ones I can't wait to cycle into my training this year. But cutting through the BS and giving us your take on how to get the most out of our training was the difference in this book. You are a great motivator I found myself doing sets of heavy KB clean and presses as I read the chapters. If you can get me working out as I'm reading I can only imagine what your live training clients get from you!"

Tim Larkin, Founder and CEO of Target Focus Training Group

"I just finished reading most of your e-book. It was very informative, concise, and well written. As a physician, I found the sections on hormones and supplements most interesting. I feel you are way ahead of the pack (and correct) with your truly holistic approach to well being. Your book should be a must read for anyone serious about optimizing their health. I own two of your DVD's and look forward to the release of the next one. There are unfortunately many charlatans in the exercise and strength field. It is refreshing to find someone like yourself who is genuine and committed to excellence. Thanks again for your help and knowledge."

Steve Fink

"Wow. Now that I have seen the book I can honestly say that I just ripped you off, Mike. This e-book is a compendium of some of the best training methods all boiled down, with all of the nonsense filtered out and set forth in a way that even a training novice can understand. I think that there are enough routines to keep anyone busy for AT LEAST 2 YEARS, maybe more. The sections on testosterone and estrogen and how to get these hormones under control was worth the price of the e-book all by itself. Thanks again for an awesome product!"

Nemiah VanGuilder

"You've done it again. I recently purchased your e-book, and it is full of useful information for serious trainees, from beginner to advanced. Whether it is nutrition, endocrine advice/management or program design, the advice is sound, tested and presented in a way in which there can be "no excuses". Way to go, Mike."

Steve Strickman, RKC, New York, NY

"I hope that you can forgive me for stealing The Aggressive Solution for Size and Strength book from you for 19.95. I mean seriously, for the wealth of information this book provides, this is stealing from you! Each section, alone is totally worth the price of this book and a lot more. The Question and Answer section is just completely off the hook! Every page of this book has provided a ton of very valuable information that is presented in a way that makes you unable to put this book down till you have finished reading all of it. Your humor is priceless. Thank you very much for writing this AWESOME training book; It totally ROCKS! I am certain with all these valuable tips, you have provided in this book, I'll hit my goal weight and will be throwing around the 53lb kettlebells in no time!"

Regina Hurley, RKC

"I was lucky enough to read Mike's new book only days after it had come out, it by far the best book about gaining size and strength that I have read this whole year. One of the best features of the book is that it not only gives your routines but it gives you the keys to personalize the routines to meet your needs regarding strength level, whether or not you are on the road or if you train in a gym or at home, this book shows you how to pack on muscle given any circumstances. The book is also up front and doest make empty promises like other books I have read. I will also list some of the other key point that I liked about the book: * Easy to read without insulting your intelligence. * The book is dense with information that when applied, quite simply, works. * Mike does an outstanding job of making the reader want to gain weight so the motivational aspect surprised me quite a lot even though it wasn't intended. There is more that I like/love about the book but I will let each and everyone of you decide for yourself."

Simon Forsyth

"Mike, this is THE BEST program I’ve ever worked with. I saw results with my body after only 2 days of training Leonie and my parents noticed it too). My whole body started to define and tone up. This is also the first program where I really feel every muscle in my body working and weak links are spotted immediately. I love this program and I’m looking to next week."

Joey van Tienen

"It's 2 months since I started and I have put on over 7kg (15lbs). Not too shabby hey? This is awesome.. I never thought these sort of results were possible for me. Can you believe my stupid doctor told me that because my dad was skinny, it wouldn't be possible for me to gain muscle? What an idiot! I'm nearly done with my 16kg KB's and once I am, I might "one-arm swing" one through his front window. ;-) Anyway, thanks for such a great program, I'm totally enjoying it and it works!!! It's like you've designed the magic formula or something."


"Five weeks in and I've gained maybe a little over 5 pounds! Bench Press has gone up more than 25lbs! Deadlifts up 50 pounds! Can't quite say on squats because I started out using the Smith Machine now I'm doing them free. All the other lifts are up significant amounts also! I'm more excited to go lift now than I have ever probably been! Every time I go in there I'm making gains, the weights are always increasing in at least a couple things!"

Conrad Stalheim

"I just had to write and tell you that the program is kicking ass for me. I tried to get a two arm press with the 72's two weeks ago and could barely get one rep. Today I got 12 sets of triples and probably could have gotten four or five for the first few, which I'll try next week."

Mike Brown

E-Book Chapters

Chapter 1: Critical Factors For Training Program Success
Chapter 2: Ten Common Training Mistakes You Are Probably Making
Chapter 3: The Secret Relationship Between Sex Hormones And Training
Chapter 4: The 80/20 Rule For Incredible Gains
Chapter 5: High Frequency Training: More Training Faster Results
Chapter 6: 3x3 Program For Incredible Gains In Size Or Strength
Chapter 7: Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Gains
Chapter 8: Need Variety? Do the 54321 Blast off Program
Chapter 9: 3-5 Gradual High Volume Program For Incredible Gains
Chapter 10: Accelerate Size and Strength Gains with Rest Pause Training
Chapter 11: Maximizing Training With Heavy Duty GTG
Chapter 12: Condense Time And Get Bigger And Stronger Faster
Chapter 13: The Westside Solution To Size And Strength
Chapter 14: The Compound Solution Program For Puny Arms
Chapter 15: Want To Get Bigger? Train Your Legs
Chapter 16: Size And Strength Training For The Busy Executive
Chapter 17: Breaking Into A Size And Strength Kettlebell Program:
Chapter 18: How To Structure A Kettlebell Size And Strength Workout
Chapter 19: How To Incorporate Kettlebells Into Your Program
Chapter 20: Life Is Stressful? Back-up Program Time
Chapter 21: Q&A Section

Who Is This Book For?

  • Every man and woman that wants to get stronger and more muscular. Here is a list of people that can benefit from this book:
  • Busy executives that need options to do at the office, at home, and on the road.
  • Anyone that travels a great deal as just about every program in the book has a "road warrior" option.
  • People that want to incorporate kettlebells into their program but have no idea how.
  • People that want to use nutrition supplements but do not want to waste money on snake oils.
  • People that value their time and actually have a life outside of their workouts.
  • People that want to understand the critical role that sex hormones play in training and in well-being.
  • People that understand the real way to build bigger muscles is to build stronger muscles.
  • People that want to focus on compound exercises that provide the most bang for your their bucks.
  • Fans of my free articles that want more detailed info and want to understand the bigger picture.
  • Anyone that is frustrated with programs that are made for juiced up bodybuilders that do not have day jobs. This book is for regular people who do not have all of the time in the world.
  • People that want to be strong and healthy members of their community and be the best they can be for their family and friends. We all have an obligation to our society to be strong and healthy members.
  • People that want to spend less time on training and more time with their family and other interests. Once you see that you do not have to spend half of your life in the gym, you will be even more excited about training.
  • People that want a high quality reference tool that they can use indefinitely.
  • People that do not want to spend an arm and a leg for high quality information.
  • People on a budget. Come on folks, the book is only £12.99. If you do not have £12.99 to spend you should not even be reading this page. Your problems are much bigger than not being as big and strong as you would like to be.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get My E-book

  • You want to avoid trial and error.
  • You want to build strength and real muscle. Not the kinds that withers away when you miss a protein shake.
  • You want to know what nutrition supplements work and where to get them at the best prices.
  • You want a variety of programs to set you your entire training year.
  • You want to learn how to incorporate kettlebell training into your gym workouts.
  • You want to increase strength dramatically.
  • You want to know why Testosterone and GH are critical for strength and size.
  • You are hungry for a fluff free book that is pure content.
  • You want to know what the ten biggest mistakes that most trainees make are.
  • You want to make 2012 your best training year ever.

Here Are The Questions from the Q&A Section of the E-Book

You Will of Course Have to Buy the E-Book to Get the Answers!

Q: What program should I start off with?

Q: You have some many great programs in your book and I do not know which one to start first.

Q: You do not talk about exercise tempo much. What tempo should I use?

Q: How come you do not have isolation exercises in any of the programs? How am I supposed to get big guns without out curls man?

Q: Most of your programs contain the same exercises. I need some variety and get bored easily. What do you recommend?

Q: What should I do to get the most out of each program?

Q: How do I combine kettlebells with gym workouts?

Q: I am a fan of Clubbell Training and want to add it to my routine. Any recommendations?

Q: I am a big fan of grip training. How can I work that into my program?

Q: How do I get my cardio in a strength and size program?

Q: I travel quite a bit. However, I am home at least two- three weeks out of every month and want to combine the weight workouts with your Road Warrior recommendations? What should I do?

Q: I want to get stronger and I do not want to put on any size. What program should I pick?

Q: Most of the year I have a pretty good handle on stress. However, there are periods in which stress is very high. What should I do?

Q: If you had to pick one exercise for building size and strength, what would it be and why?

Q: What do you recommend for warming up?

Q: Why do you recommend the avoidance of training to failure?

Q: I want to get bigger and lose fat. What should I do?

Q: What kind of diet should I follow?

Q: I read that you are a vegetarian. How did you get so big on a veggie diet?

Q: What nutrition supplements do you recommend for size and strength?

Q: Do you have any other recommendations for avoiding estrogen?

Q: What else can I do to increase testosterone?

Q: What is the deal with all of the sex talk? What does it have to do with productive training?

Q: How important is the mental side of training?
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