Stronger Legs & Lower Body

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Stronger Legs & Lower Body By Tim Bishop

© 2012
Book 192 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736092951

Product Description

Take your lower-body workout to new levels with Stronger Legs & Lower Body. Tim Bishop, one of the world’s leading strength and conditioning experts, brings you the most effective exercises and programs for increasing strength, size, power, and definition.

Focusing on all lower-body muscle groups, especially those previously neglected by popular workouts, Stronger Legs & Lower Body features more than 80 exercises for both serious lifters and athletes, including detailed instructions for perfecting your technique and advanced variations to help you break through plateaus.

With 15 unique programs and ready-to-use workouts, detailed anatomical illustrations, exercise explanations and variations, and the latest advanced training methods, Stronger Legs & Lower Body is the comprehensive, hard-core guide you need in order to achieve the ultimate results!


Part 1 Training the Lower Body
Chapter 1: Lower-Body Anatomy
Chapter 2: Principles of Training
Chapter 3: Exercise Planning

Part 2 Lower-Body Exercises
Chapter 4: Gluteal Exercises
Chapter 5: Quadriceps Exercises
Chapter 6: Hamstring and Posterior Chain Exercises
Chapter 7: Lower-Leg Exercises
Chapter 8: Explosive Multijoint Exercises

Part 3 Goal-Oriented Workouts
Chapter 9: Increasing Mass and Strength
Chapter 10: Boosting Power and Stamina
Chapter 11: Ready-Made Workouts

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