Stronger Abs and Back

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Stronger Abs and Back By Dean Brittenham and Greg Brittenham

© 1997
Book 248 pages
ISBN-13: 9780880115582

Product Description

Ancient Greek and Chinese leaders have stressed it for centuries, but only in the past decade have fitness and sports conditioning experts emphasized the development of abdominal and back muscles. Now we have the science to support the argument that the body`s stability and power comes from its center.

Stronger Abs and Back shows how to develop the body`s core musculature for maximum fitness and athletic performance. Strong abdominal and torso muscles will enhance physical appearance and mobility as well as contribute to the prevention of low back pain--the most common physical ailment in the industrialized world.

Because of its extensive benefits, Stronger Abs and Back applies to a broad readership: office workers who stiffen up while sitting at a desk all week; weekend warriors who play 36 holes on a free day at the course; serious athletes who want the utmost power to perform closer to their potential; and coaches who develop training programs with the best and most comprehensive fitness level of their athletes in mind.

The book features 165 exercises for developing flexibility, strength, and power. It also shows how to select and sequence these exercises in a 24-week sample program for abs and back development.


Chapter 1. A Strong Core for Sports Performance
Chapter 2. A Strong Core for Fitness
Chapter 3. Warm-Up, Stretching, and Cooldown
Chapter 4. Training Guidelines
Chapter 5. Trunk Stabilization and Balance Exercises
Chapter 6. Ab Fitness Exercises
Chapter 7. Ab Strength Exercises
Chapter 8. Ab Power Exercises
Chapter 9. Abs and Back Training Program

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