Serious Strength Training - 2nd Edition

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Serious Strength Training - 2nd Edition By Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale and Lorenzo Cornacchia 


© 2003
Book 304 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736042666



Product Description

Maximize your strength and muscle definition by applying the latest breakthroughs in scientific research to your training. The new edition of Serious Strength Training presents: 

  • scientifically based guidelines for periodization workouts, 
  • new information on incorporating popular bodybuilding systems into the periodization plan,
  • 80 exercises that cause the greatest stimulation in the muscles, 
  • a nutrition periodization program that explains how to meet the body’s changing dietary needs during each phase of training.

Serious Strength Training begins by outlining the basic scientific principles of training for strength and muscle mass—what happens to the body during training and why. Then it sets detailed guidelines for program design, explaining how to calculate training volume, intensity, rest intervals, number of exercises, and loading patterns. Lead author Tudor Bompa demonstrates how to use periodized workouts to peak at optimal times by manipulating six different training phases: anatomical adaptation, hypertrophy, mixed, maximum strength, muscle definition, and transition.

This edition also presents a revolutionary metabolically based approach—created by Maura Di Pasquale, an internationally renowned physician—that allows readers to structure their diets to meet their individual metabolic profiles.

Serious Strength Training includes programs for strength trainers and bodybuilders as well as for those with special needs and interests. Scientifically sound and research-based, it’s also ideal for strength and conditioning experts and exercise scientists who want to know the best methods for developing greater muscle power and mass.


Part I. Science of Strength Training
Chapter 1. Adapting to the Training Stimulus
Chapter 2. Understanding the Periodization System
Chapter 3. Designing the Perfect Program
Chapter 4. Accelerating Muscle Recovery
Chapter 5. Maximizing Nutrition for Muscle Growth
Chapter 6. Using Nutritional Supplements

Part II. Maximum Stimulation Exercises
Chapter 7. Choosing the Best Exercises
Chapter 8. Lower Body Exercises
Chapter 9. Upper Body Exercises

Part III. The Six Phases of Training
Chapter 10. Anatomical Adaptation (AA)
Chapter 11. Hypertrophy (H)
Chapter 12. Mixed Training (M)
Chapter 13. Maximum Strength (MxS)
Chapter 14. Muscle Definition (MD)
Chapter 15. Transition (T)

Appendix 1: Training Log
Appendix 2: Maximum Lift Based on Repetitions
Appendix 3: Maximum Weight Chart

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