Principles of Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment and Management, 2nd Edition ISBN: 9780443067990

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Principles of Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment and Management, 2nd Edition By Nicola J. Petty, DPT MSc GradDipPhys FMACP FHEA

Pages: 326
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 9780443067990
Copyright: 2011

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Fully updated and revised for a second edition, this textbook offers a comprehensive, evidence-based guide to the treatment and management of the neuromusculoskeletal system, providing vital support for both students and experienced therapists. As with the previous edition the text deals with function and dysfunction of joints, muscles and nerves offering treatment options in all cases. Underpinning theory and research is used extensively to explain the clinical use of each treatment option.

This new edition has benefited from the author - Nicola Petty - becoming editor and enabling leading clinicians and academics to contribute to the text which now offers a broader range of perspectives.


Provides critical knowledge and theory that underpins clinical practice and decision-making
Guides the reader through the various options available for patient management drawing a solid evidence base
Emphasizes the importance of hands on skill, as well as communication and clinical reasoning skills
Templated structure throughout creates an accessible tool for use in teaching and practice
Revised drawings in 2-colour provide the reader with enhanced visual learning tools


By Nicola J. Petty, DPT MSc GradDipPhys FMACP FHEA, Principal Lecturer, School of Health Professions, University of Brighton, Eastbourne, UK 

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