Pilates Illustrated

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Pilates Illustrated By Portia Page

© 2011
Book 248 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736092906

Product Description

Pilates Illustrated is your guide to lengthening and strengthening muscles while improving posture, flexibility, and balance.

Renowned instructor Portia Page shows you how to perform the essential movements, exercises, and mat work routines. You’ll also learn to incorporate equipment, such as a stability ball, stretch band, and Pilates ring, to isolate muscles for targeted results.

Pilates Illustrated’s straightforward, highly visual approach and 13 predefined routines (including those for perfecting posture, low back care, morning energy, evening relaxation, and total-body strength) offer the quickest, and most effective way to experience the physical and mental benefits of Pilates. Throughout you’ll also find execution cues, modifications, and variations allowing you to immediately perform each exercise regardless of experience or skill level.

With detailed instructions and hundreds of full-color photos, Pilates Illustrated will accompany you step by step on the path to improved health, strength, flexibility, energy, and relaxation. This is the exercise guide that you will turn to time and time again.


Chapter 1 Art and Practice of Pilates
Chapter 2 Standing Warm-Up Exercises and Stretches
Chapter 3 Kneeling Mat Exercises
Chapter 4 Side-Lying Mat Exercises
Chapter 5 Prone Mat Exercises
Chapter 6 Supine Mat Exercises
Chapter 7 Seated Mat Exercises
Chapter 8 Stability Ball Exercises
Chapter 9 Pilates Ring Exercises
Chapter 10 Band Exercises
Chapter 11 Pilates Routines

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