Movement, Stability & Lumbopelvic Pain, 2nd Edition INTEGRATION OF RESEARCH AND THERAPY ISBN: 9780443101786

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Movement, Stability & Lumbopelvic Pain, 2nd Edition

Andry Vleeming, PhD, Vert Mooney, MD and Rob Stoeckart, Phd

Pages: 672
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 9780443101786
Copyright: 2007


The human lumbopelvic area has become the focus of a considerable amount of new and intriguing research relevant to effective diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. Back function has recently been studied from a broader perspective, including the analysis of the coupled function in spine, pelvis and legs. These approaches lead to new questions about dynamic stability and motor control in general, and specifically about the spine and pelvis. These new insights obviously imply new approaches in the prevention and treatment of low back pain and pelvic pain.

Unique to this book is its in-depth coverage of this subject area by a team of international contributors who represent the broad range of professionals involved in clincal research and therapy. These experts cover a vast area of lumbopelvic experience, from effective treatment and rehabilitation to epidemiology, anatomy, biomechanics, pain and motor control, surgery and manual therapy.


  • Evidence -based focus
  • Final conclusions including perspectives with each chapter
  • Each chapter is relevant and up to date


  • New high profile contributors
  • Updated references
  • Introduction and closure for each chapter
  • Special attention given to stability and muscle function

"The work is full of amazing facts to ponder."
Robert McWilliams, Structural Integration, June 2008

By Andry Vleeming, PhD, Clinical Anatomist and Founder, Spine and Joint Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Vert Mooney, MD, Clinical Professor of Orthopaedics, USSD, Private Practioner, San Diego, CA, USA; and Rob Stoeckart, PhD, Department of Neuroscience, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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