Manipulative Therapy Musculoskeletal Muscle ISBN: 9780702030567

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Manipulative Therapy
Musculoskeletal Muscle
Karel Lewit, DrSC(MD), DHC Specialist in Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine


Pages: 450
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 9780702030567
Copyright: 2010


This text book gives a comprehensive guide to taking a holistic approach to movement dysfunctions in relation to the 'Deep Stabilisation Systems' of the body. This work is closely linked to to that of Richardson et al in Therapeutic Exercise for Spinal Stabilisation in Low Back Pain. Taking this approach will allow you to fully understand the advanced approaches to therapy and rehabilitation of patients.

It gives a balanced picture of the importance of musles, joints and soft tissues, under the control of the nervous system, the textbook aims to treat disturbance of function, the most common cause of pain in the motor system, in the most effective way.

Locomotor system dysfunctions are shown to be treated very effectively using manual medicine techniques. Spinal column and joint mobility can be restored, and pain triggered by the autonomic nervous system can be positively influenced.

This is a comprehensive source of information relating to pathogenesis, diagnosis, indications and treatment methods, incorporating the latest research findings. Radiological diagnosis is is shown as laying the foundation for successful diagnosis and treatment with manual medicine techniques. Typical conditions associated with pain in the locomotor system is presented and described in functional terms for the first time. The book concludes with chapters covering preventative aspects and expert assessment.


By Karel Lewit, DrSC(MD), DHC Specialist in Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Professor of Neurology, Motol University Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
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