Managing Sports Injuries, 4th Edition ISBN: 9780702034732

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Managing Sports Injuries, 4th Edition By Christopher M Norris, PhD MSc MCSP


Pages: 432
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 9780702034732
Copyright: 2011


Now in its fourth edition with the revised title - Managing Sports Injuries: a guide for students and clinicians - this highly practical guide maintains its evidence-based approach while introducing new material from both research and clinical sources. It is a comprehensive resource for the management of soft-tissue injuries, focusing on therapy.

Well referenced and extensively illustrated, this text continues to be invaluable to physiotherapists, sports and massage therapists, medical practitioners, and all those involved in the treatment of athletes and sports people.


  • Full colour text and illustrations emphasizing all practical techniques
  • Treatment notes expanded with added topics and basic examination protocols
  • Additional material enhancing clinical value
  • Practical "how-to-do" approach enabling application of new techniques
  • Updated research references



By Christopher M Norris, PhD MSc MCSP, Director of Norris Associates, Physiotherapists, Sale, Manchester; Visiting lecturer to Salford University and Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK



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