Fallproof! - 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program

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Health & Fitness BooksHealth & Fitness BooksHealth & Fitness BooksHealth & Fitness BooksFallproof! - 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program By Debra Rose

© 2010
Book/DVD 328 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736067478



Product Description


The second edition of FallProof! A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program is a practical guide to implementing a multidimensional balance and mobility training program to address the increasing incidence of falls among older adults. Now packaged with a DVD, this edition is a research-based resource with a range of balance and mobility assessments and detailed instructions on implementing the FallProof! program.

The second edition contains everything that made the original edition so popular and the FallProof! program so widely recognized and well received. Written by Dr. Debra Rose, foremost expert in balance disorders and programming, this book continues to be the only text to address the multiple dimensions that contribute to balance and mobility. By exploring the reasons underlying falls, readers gain the knowledge to offer more comprehensive assessment and programming. This research-based approach has been field tested and has shown considerable success in a range of instructional settings, including community-based and residential care environments.

The FallProof! program is customizable for individual clients, with exercise progressions for early, middle, and late class modules. In addition, the program offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility. Program participants can engage in group activities that take into account their individual abilities so that the program is not too easy or too difficult for them.
  • Guidance. Safe and easy ways of presenting each of the program’s exercise components are illustrated, addressing issues ranging from safety concerns to the best ways to provide feedback to participants.
  • Supplemental materials. Reproducible health, assessment, and program-related questionnaires help instructors gather crucial information for effective programming. 
  • Results. The FallProof! program has been proven to reduce the risk of falling in participants who’ve completed one or more rotations of the program. 

The second edition of FallProof! contains significant content updates and new references and features for both professionals and students. A new section on goal setting and behavioral management techniques is included, as well as a section on prioritizing screening and assessment tests, scheduling subsequent tests, and organizing testing in a group environment. Each chapter has tools for maximizing retention and understanding—including a summary statement, a quiz, and a “practical problems” section. An extensive research bibliography and a subject index make it easy for readers to access the information and explore subjects in greater depth.

The bound-in DVD makes the information in the text applicable to real situations. It shows how to administer screening and assessment tests, demonstrates selected exercise progressions for the major program modules, and provides a sample FallProof! class session in action. Reproducible forms and checklists help instructors with program implementation and can be easily accessed as PDFs on the DVD.

This comprehensive manual is used in the only authorized FallProof! certification program offered by the Center for Successful Aging at California State University at Fullerton and is a must for anyone in the field developing balance and mobility programs for at-risk older adults. It delivers the theory along with the specialized knowledge and practical skills required for creating programs that ensure older adults maintain the high level of balance and mobility essential in avoiding falls and aging successfully.


Part I. The Theory Behind the Program
Chapter 1. Understanding Balance and Mobility
Chapter 2. Why Do Many Older Adults Fall?

Part II. The FallProof Program for Improving Balance and Mobility
Chapter 3. Screening and Assessment
Chapter 4. Center-of-Gravity Control Training
Chapter 5. Multisensory Training
Chapter 6. Postural Strategy Training
Chapter 7. Gait Pattern Enhancement and Variation Training
Chapter 8. Strength and Endurance Training
Chapter 9. Flexibility Training

Part III. Implementing the FallProof Program
Chapter 10. Setting the Stage for Learning
Chapter 11. Program Planning and Class Management Techniques


Reference for exercise specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and recreational therapists working with older adults in community-based centers or rehabilitation settings. Text for upper-undergraduate, graduate, and certification courses in balance and mobility training, assessment, and programming for older adults.

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