Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab Manual - 2nd Edition

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Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab Manual - 2nd Edition By Edmund Acevedo and Michael Starks 

© 2011
Book 168 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736087285


Product Description

With a focus on foundational information, the Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab Manual, Second Edition, offers practical application of knowledge and skills associated with standardized health- and fitness-related tests. Progressing through 14 easy-to-follow experiential-based learning labs, readers will gain the skills and techniques required for successful completion of the ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist certification (CHFS).

The improved second edition includes the latest updates consistent with the recent modifications published within the ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, Eighth Edition. In this new edition, readers will also find the following features:

In-depth content regarding functional parameters related to exercise, especially in regard to heart rate and blood pressure

Additional information on body composition testing focusing on improved knowledge and skills related to assessment of skinfolds and circumferences

New emphasis on the importance of assessment and how assessment relates to overall program development

An updated format that flows progressively through testing and prescription

Enhanced discussion questions within each lab, which incorporate more in-depth analysis of the information being covered
Though most closely matched with ACSM CHFS certification guidelines, Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab Manual, Second Edition, is also useful for individuals preparing for certification within other training organizations or as a resource for the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer certification. The progression of labs through the testing and prescription process, easy-to-follow instructions, and forms and worksheets also make this lab manual an excellent experiential component for a course in exercise testing and prescription.

Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab Manual, Second Edition, is organized into three sections covering pretest responsibilities, exercise testing techniques, and exercise prescription. Readers will learn safety procedures and requirements for exercise testing equipment, follow step-by-step instructions for calibration of laboratory instruments, and learn guidelines for medical history evaluation, risk factor evaluation and stratification, and informed consent.

Next, the application of techniques used in assessing the components of health-related fitness is presented. Within the exercise prescription section, readers learn about the calculation of metabolic work, the three phases of exercise prescription, assessment of participants’ goals, and gaining participants’ commitment to the exercise prescription. A final comprehensive lab challenges readers to apply techniques and principles in developing various case studies.

Each lab features the same easy-to-follow format outlining the purpose of the lab, materials required, background information, procedures, discussion questions, and references. Detailed appendixes contain a summary of the effects of common pharmacological agents on cardiorespiratory responses at rest, common metric conversions used in exercise testing and prescription calculations, a list of metabolic and anthropometric formulas, and answers to lab questions. The appendixes also contain all forms and worksheets required for collecting data and completing the lab assignments.

The second edition of the Exercise Testing and Prescription Lab Manual provides focused, step-by-step preparation for those studying for the ACSM CHFS certification. With its reorganized format, up-to-date information, and forms and worksheets, this text is also a valuable best-practices reference for health and fitness specialists certified by the ACSM and other organizations.


Part I: Pretest Responsibilities

Lab 1: Orientation to Lab Instruments, Procedures, and Responsibilities
Lab 2: Calibrating Lab Instruments
Lab 3: Risk Factor Evaluation, Medical History, and Informed Consent

Part II: Techniques in Exercise Testing

Lab 4: Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Assessment Techniques
Lab 5: Skinfold and Circumference Assessment Techniques
Lab 6: Assessing Body Fatness
Lab 7: Submaximal Exercise Test Protocols
Lab 8: Evaluating Muscular Strength and Endurance
Lab 9: Evaluating Flexibility
Lab 10: ECG Placement and Monitor Operations

Part III: Exercise Prescription

Lab 11: Metabolic Calculations
Lab 12: Assessing Participant Goals and Gaining Commitment to Physical Activity
Lab 13: Prescriptions for Initial Conditioning, Improvement, and Maintenance
Lab 14: Case Study Reports


A text for health and fitness students preparing for ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist certification exams or other health and fitness certifications. Also a resource for health and fitness professionals.

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