End Back & Neck Pain

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End Back & Neck Pain By Vincent Fortanasce, David Gutkind and Robert Watkins

© 2012
Book 224 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736095280

Product Description


If you suffer from back and neck pain, you want answers. You want relief. Now there is one book that brings you both: End Back & Neck Pain.

In End Back & Neck Pain, the leading names in back health join together to provide the latest research, professional insights, and proven programs to prevent and relieve pain and discomfort. You’ll get straight answers to questions such as these:

  • Why does my back or neck hurt?
  • What can I do now to alleviate my discomfort? 
  • How do I prevent my pain from returning?
  • Could I have a serious or debilitating condition?
  • Is my doctor properly diagnosing my condition?
  • Is surgery really my best option?

Through a series of questions, you’ll identify the source of your discomfort and determine the best plan of action for relief. You’ll learn how simple lifestyle changes, postural improvements, and stretching exercises can keep that pain from returning. Most important,End Back & Neck Pain takes the fear and uncertainty out of your discomfort and puts you in control of your recovery.

Whether this is your first bout with serious pain or a recurring problem, End Back & Neck Painhas insights, answers, and programs that will put you on the path to a pain-free life.


Part I Why Does It Hurt?
Chapter 1. Understanding Back and Neck Pain
Chapter 2. Listening to the Voices of Pain

Part II Helping Yourself
Chapter 3. Using First Aid for Fast Relief
Chapter 4. Stretching and Exercising
Chapter 5. Making Lifestyle Choices to Ease Pain
Chapter 6. Learning Correct Body Mechanics
Chapter 7. Adapting Office Ergonomics

Part III Working With Your Doctor
Chapter 8. Choosing a Doctor
Chapter 9. Getting the Right Diagnosis
Chapter 10. Taking Medication for Spinal Pain

Part IV Exploring Surgical Options
Chapter 11. Getting Injections for Spinal Pain
Chapter 12. Considering Surgery

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