Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries

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Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries By Roald Bahr and Sverre Maehlum




© 2004
Cloth w/CD
Book/CD 456 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736041171



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Superbly illustrated with more than 400 full-color illustrations and 120 photos, Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries is an outstanding guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. See and learn how to evaluate and treat a wide range of sports injuries and to handle each step in the injury management process. You’ll also learn how to prescribe rehabilitation exercises to your patients.

With its color photos, superb medical illustrations created by Tommy Bolic, and useful X rays,Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries clearly presents various injury types, injury mechanisms, and treatment methods. And as a bonus, all these visual materials are included on the accompanying CD-ROM for use in lectures and presentations.

Internationally recognized sports medicine specialists Roald Bahr, MD, PhD, and Sverre Maehlum, MD, PhD, use a problem-oriented approach to focus on the management of acute and chronic injuries, whether they occur during competition, exercise, recreation, or other forms of physical activity. The editors logically guide you through the injury management process, beginning with the problem presented by the patient, followed by the diagnoses and treatment options.

Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries has the following features:

New medical illustrations and rehabilitation exercise drawings

A CD-ROM containing outstanding artwork from the book

Illustrated exercises throughout the book
Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries is a well-organized, easy-to-understand, and richly illustrated text for general practitioners and sports medicine specialists—anyone who needs to know how to diagnose and treat sports injuries of all kinds.



Chapter 1. Types and Causes of Injuries

Chapter 2. Treating Sports Injuries

Chapter 3. Preventing Sports Injuries

Chapter 4. Head and Face

Head Injuries

Facial Injuries

Rehabilitation of Head Injuries
Chapter 5. Neck and Back

Acute Neck and Back Injuries

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Chapter 6. Chest and Abdomen

Chest Injuries

Abdominal Injuries
Chapter 7. Shoulder

Acute Shoulder Injuries

Chronic Shoulder Disorders

Rehabilitation of Shoulder Injuries
Chapter 8. Elbow and Arm

Acute Elbow Injuries

Elbow Overuse Injuries

Rehabilitation of Elbow Injuries
Chapter 9. Wrist, Hand, and Fingers

Hand and Wrist Injuries

Finger Injuries

Rehabilitation of Hand and Finger Injuries
Chapter 10. Pelvis, Groin, and Hips

Acute Injuries to the Pelvis, Groin, and Hips

Pain in the Pelvic, Inguinal, and Hip Region

Rehabilitation of Injuries to the Pelvis, Groin, and Hips
Chapter 11. Thigh

Acute Thigh Injuries

Thigh Pain

Rehabilitation of Thigh Injuries
Chapter 12. Knee

Acute Knee Injuries

Knee Pain

Rehabilitation of Knee Injuries
Chapter 13. Lower Leg

Acute Lower Leg Injuries

Chronic Lower Leg Pain

Rehabilitation of Lower Leg Injuries
Chapter 14. Ankle

Acute Ankle Injuries

Pain in the Ankle Region

Rehabilitation of Ankle Injuries
Chapter 15. Foot

Acute Foot Injuries

Foot Pain


A text and reference for those practicing sports medicine, including sports medicine specialists, team physicians, athletic trainers, and sports physical therapists.

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