Cases in Differential Diagnosis for the Physical and Manipulative Therapies ISBN: 9780729539975

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Cases in Differential Diagnosis for the Physical and Manipulative Therapies

By: Robyn Beirman

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 9780729539975
Copyright: 2011


  • Physical and manipulative therapists often find themselves in the role of the primary contact practitioner. It is imperative that they are trained to identify any underlying medical problems that may require referral to a medical practitioner.
  • This text is a case book to facilitate the development of skills required to confidently arrive at either a final diagnosis or differential diagnosis.
  • Cases are representative of life stages and a range of differential clinical topics is covered in each life stage:
    •  Infancy and childhood
    •  Adolescence
    •  The adult years
    •  The Later Years - the elderly
  • Comprehensive appendices provide valuable additional resource including abbreviations, orthopaedic tests and additional questions.
  • Students will gain valuable insight into the types of scenarios they will encounter in clinical practice and as a clinician, as well as develop and refine their diagnostic skills.



  • over 225 clinical presentations in differential diagnosis
  • comprehensive appendices complement the diagnostic process
  • model answers to all cases
  • review of basic and medical sciences relevant to each case
  • over 35 expert contributors covering Chiropractic, Medicine,Osteopathy, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • unique combination of musculoskeletal and nonmusculoskeletal clinical cases


Robyn Beirman, Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Chiropractic, Macquarie University
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