At Fitedia we can can assist you in setting up an event, course or meeting in a variety of ways. This can range from pointing you in the right direction and giving you detailed "how-to" guides to organising the event and managing payment and marketing. 

Using Fitedia To Help Market Your Event 

Our extensive network can help to drive sales to your existing event schedule. If you already run courses, meetings and events and you'd simply like some help to fill places then please contact us

By far the best option that we have found is Eventbrite. Eventbrite is an online event registration system - put simply, it allows you to sell tickets to your event online. They take a small percentage of each ticket sold but all of the remaining profit goes to you. For all of the automated features that it allows, we think that it is the number one choice for online ticket sales. 

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The Benefits Of Eventbrite

We have included snapshots below of the some of the features of Eventbrite. 

And some examples of successful events that have been set up using Eventbrite.

How To Set Up Your Own Event

If you want to leverage the power of an online booking and management system with social media then we're here to help. The guide below will talk you through the basics of setting up an event online and then getting people to book onto it.

The Basics Of Setting Up

1. Create an event page. Add basic details like a summary of the event, location, tutor details and prices.

2. Add different ticket types. Eventbrite allows you to sell tickets at different prices - Earlybird, VIP and Student tickets are popular options.

3. Publish your event. You'll then be able to share it via all of your social media profiles and it will be visible on the Eventbrite network.

4. Track your sales on your event summary page. 

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