Author Programme

The Fitedia Author Programme has been designed to provide a platform for health and fitness professionals to produce, market and sell their work to a wider audience. We work directly with authors to help them realise their goals of being published and use our expertise to develop a multi-channel sales plan. 

The Benefits

  • Our royalties per sale can be as high as 50% - this, compared against an industry average of around 6%, represents a tremendous opportunity
  • We use a team of highly experienced designers to ensure that your titles are produced to the highest standard
  • Your title can be sold on, and your own website
  • We handle all of the sales transactions for you, paying you a monthly royalty
  • Sell your title as a Kindle, ebook and paperback title
  • We can drop-ship direct to your customers, meaning that you can make the sales and we'll ship the products for you

Where Can You Sell Your Title?

  •, (UK), (France), (Germany), (Spain), (Italy), (Japan), (India), (Canada), (Brazil), (Mexico) and (Australia)
  • Your own website 
  • We can also act as a wholesaler for your title, shipping books direct to retailers

Who Are We Looking For?

We're keen to hear from a wide range of health and fitness professionals who have an interest in our programme. With regards to specific titles, we are interested primarily in books but will also consider audio and video submissions - these can be sold as both physical and digital products via our programme. 

Because we can utilise our team of designers to prepare your work for sale through our various channels we are able to take submissions that are not print-ready. We have taken simple word files and turned them into paperbacks with a relatively short turnaround time. Your content is more important to us than the design of your product!

What Next?

If you would like to organise submission of your work for consideration in the Fitedia Author Programme then please complete the contact form below. We carefully consider all submissions so please allow us 2-4 weeks to reply.


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