Adding Kindle Files

This page covers the standard methods for adding Kindle files to your Kindle device. We are always updating this page so please check back regularly. We always recommending that you check the instructions that are provided with your particular device before downloading a product and you can also contact us

We supply our Kindle products in two file formats - prc and mobi. These are both supplied with any Kindle product download, as some users have reported issues adding either file. 

If you are trying to view your .prc/.mobi Kindle product, plug the Kindle device into your PC or Mac with the USB cable that comes with the device. The folder systems inside the actual device will appear, click onto ‘View all files and folders’ and drag the .prc/.mobi file into the ‘Documents’ folder. The Kindle file will now be on your Kindle device ready to read. 

Kindle Reading Apps

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