High - Intensity Training

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High - Intensity Training By John Philbin 

© 2004
Book 224 pages
ISBN-13: 9780736048200

Product Description

HIT a new level of intensity and get maximum results in the weight room! High-Intensity Training is the modern era’s version of one-set-to-failure strength training, producing even greater muscle mass and power in less time.

This complete training system teaches how to perform the perfect rep, minimizing momentum and maximizing muscle tension to develop optimal strength in the targeted muscles. Triple progressive overload and other advanced training techniques will push you beyond muscle failure to help you reach your next level of performance, boost power and strength, and break through plateaus.

Also learn to manipulate rest, recovery, time under tension, and load to match the demands of your sport. You’ll see why many National Football League teams and college athletic programs prefer this training method. With High-Intensity Training you can push your body to its limits and produce fast, safe results!


Chapter 1. Brief History of Strength Training
Chapter 2. The HIT Perfect Rep
Chapter 3. Genetics and Muscle Physiology
Chapter 4. Triple Progressive Overload Process
Chapter 5. Periodization Plan for the HIT Program
Chapter 6. Creating the Competitive Edge
Chapter 7. Structuring a HIT Workout
Chapter 8. Developing Sport-Specific Programming
Chapter 9. Advanced Overload Training
Chapter 10. Precision Exercise Technique
Chapter 11. Manual Resistance Exercises

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