HPC Audit February 17 2012

Its that time in the Physiotherapy calendar again when everyone has to pucker up for that all telling letter through the post advising you that you have been 

randomly selected for HPC AUDIT! PANIC STATIONS!

First thoughts = 'oh my god I haven't written that many words since I was a student & I can't even remember when that was!' 

Second thoughts = 'I can't do it! I might aswel throw in the towel now! I wonder if its too late to become a banker?!?'

Sound familiar? So you have to write 2000 words about yourself Big deal.  

You need to relax and take a different approach to this. Instead of thinking that you have finally been exposed as a fraud, you should be thinking 'hey these guys wana hear all about my achievements over the last two years fantastic!' This is your chance to brag about yourself and tell the HPC how good you really are.

Still not convinced? Fear not as you will soon be able to download my easy to follow guide on 'how to re-register' Keep your eyes peeled as it will be released soon. For the time being if you can't wait, have a look at the HPC they do have some info albeit a little tricky to find.

Good luck