Start 2012 by running your own workshop, event or course December 31 2011

At Fitedia, we regularly speak to health and fitness professionals who see lots of individuals on a 1:1 basis but have never considered running group/small group sessions. We've all been guilty of thinking that we aren't qualified enough to run workshops, courses or events but the reality is, that if you have valuable knowledge or skill to pass on then, there is a market for you. The content should of course be professional and well structured and you should deliver it with heaps of passion.

Here are some events that we've recently set up: 

  • Olympic Lifting Workshop
  • Sandbag Training Course
  • Unconventional Strength Training Seminar - using Kettlebells, Sandbags, Kegs, Ropes are more.

What would you like to do?

Where most professionals struggle is not with ideas for courses, but with setting them up and managing bookings. We use Eventbrite - the simplest way to promote and sell out events. There are no set up charges, it syncs seamlessly with social media applications and your event will be listed on the Eventbrite global directory. Plus you can also take advantage of cool features like built in ticketing, QR codes for registration and discount codes.