Extreme conditioning programs - a guest excerpt from Human Kinetics March 19 2014

This excerpt is from Designing Resistance Training Programs, Fourth Edition by Steven Fleck and William Kraemer. "Extreme conditioning programs are high-volume, short-rest-period, multi-exercise programs, many of which have become very popular (e.g., CrossFit, Insanity, Gym Jones). Additionally, these programs typically have a high training frequency; some are performed five or six days per week. Some include a large number of multijoint exercises, variations of the Olympic lifts, as well as...

3 common Triathlete injuries & how to deal with them yourself May 18 2012

Triathletes are extremely motivated beings who have only one thing on their minds, getting to the end in one piece! Unfortunately 3 disciplines mean’s 3 times more potential for injury! Here’s a quick guide to some common injuries & how to avoid needless pain. Swim Phase: 1.     Shoulder Pain/Impingement What is it: Impingement often happens when the muscles controlling the shoulder (Rotator Cuff) &/or other soft tissues become trapped between the...

HPC Audit February 17 2012

Its that time in the Physiotherapy calendar again when everyone has to pucker up for that all telling letter through the post advising you that you have been  randomly selected for HPC AUDIT! PANIC STATIONS! First thoughts = 'oh my god I haven't written that many words since I was a student & I can't even remember when that was!'  Second thoughts = 'I can't do it! I might aswel throw...

Physiotherapy Toolkit February 04 2012

It has been two years now since the HPC began randomly selecting Physio's to present their portfolio of evidence to show their suitability to continue practicing under the protected title of Physiotherapist. Collecting your evidence can be a daunting challenge. Luckily for you the team at Fitedia have compiled a series of resources to help you do exactly this. Try downloading the Physiotherapist toolkit and start compiling your evidence today.    Are...

Free Arthritis Research UK Factsheets January 17 2012

We have over 30 completely free Arthritis Research UK factsheets available for download here:  These are perfect for coaches, physiotherapists, personal trainers and anyone who works with those who have an arthritic condition.

Start 2012 by running your own workshop, event or course December 31 2011

At Fitedia, we regularly speak to health and fitness professionals who see lots of individuals on a 1:1 basis but have never considered running group/small group sessions. We've all been guilty of thinking that we aren't qualified enough to run workshops, courses or events but the reality is, that if you have valuable knowledge or skill to pass on then, there is a market for you. The content should of...

Al Kavadlo on Fitedia December 12 2011

You can now purchase a copy of Al Kavadlo's excellent eBook "We're Working Out!" on Fitedia. Previously only available as a printed version, we're now happy to be the first digital distributor for the book. Check it out now 

Arthritis Research UK Materials Now Available November 28 2011

Our friends at Arthritis Research UK have kindly provided a range of guides on a wide variety of the types and symptoms of arthritis. And they are free to download! Check out the guides here  
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